Landscape Maintenance


The term “no maintenance” in a custom creative capacious landscape is misleading to say the least. Many of our clients do not have the time or the resources to keep their landscapes looking lush and lavish from week to week or season to season.  We offer custom landscape maintenance solutions including weeding beds, pruning shrubbery, planting and transplanting annuals and perennials, top dressing mulch beds, adding soil amendments to poorly rich soils as well as water runoff solutions.

Water Feature Maintenance – Proper water feature maintenance is essential to keeping equipment in working order and an environment sustainable for fish and aquatic plants. Depending on your water feature, pumps, filters and other equipment need to be cleaned and properly stored over the winter.   During the growing season, water quality will likely change affecting aquatic plants and fish.  We know water features. Let us help you keep yours looking and running to its fullest potential.  You will be glad you did!

Paving Stone Maintenance – The green industry idea that paving stones are the premier hard surface for a driveway or patio spaces holds true in many cases if installed properly.  Over time however, even the finest paver projects need a little love.  Weather along with the Midwest freeze/thaw cycle can degrade joint stabilizer and pavers sealants. Our paver restoration expertise includes pressure washing, joint stabilizer and resetting displaced paving stones.

Shrub Maintenance – Overgrown bushes?  Shrubs growing into each other.  A common overlooked landscape maintenance service is not replacing ornamental shrubbery or trees when needed.  Visual privacy and visual site lines are important and are often overlooked.   Neglecting shrub replacement can lead to the inability to enjoy your outdoor spaces from your kitchen or great-room window as well as degrade the security of your property.  Can we help before it gets out of control?